Please email for more info if you are interested in an Adult Pageant Flipper:   unitysmiledesign@gmail.com

Pageant flipper for a Child:
The first step is getting an impression of your Child's teeth.  We can mail out an impression kit with detailed instructions.
If you want to use Paypal---the address you will use to send us payment (once you are logged into your Paypal account) is:

We will need to know the Child's name, age, Pageant Date and your mailing address
I can send you a Paypal invoice that you can use your credit card to pay (No paypal account is needed)


The Impression Kit will need to be purchased first.
$40       Impression Kit includes USPS priority mail (2-3 day delivery but USPS does not guarantee) 


The Payment for the pageant flipper will need to be received once you mail back the impressions.
$200    Upper Pageant Flipper includes a 9 day turnaround + 3 business days for Fedex Delivery
$200    Lower Pageant Flipper includes a 9 day turnaround + 3 business days for Fedex Delivery
$355     Upper & Lower Pageant flipper  9 day turnaround + 3 business days for Fedex Delivery  (upper + lower flipper MUST be done at same time to get this fee)


You will mail the impressions to us and the Turnaround time will begin the day AFTER we receive the impressions. IF you need the Pageant flipper quicker, we do have several RUSH options to choose from:
$20    lil'rush with a 6 day turnaround + shipping
$40    RUSH with a 4 day turnaround + shipping
$85    SUPER RUSH with a 2 day turnaround + shipping
**$125 SUPER DUPER RUSH with a SAME day turnaround + shipping  **email or phone approval required for this rush**LIMITED AVAILABILITY**


SHIPPING Upgrades for the Flipper are available for an additional fee:
Fedex 2nd day and Fedex Overnight


PayPal, Visa, MC, Discover or Money Order

E-mail Us

Unity Smile Design 20808 Wishbone Drive Lago Vista, TX 78645
Phone: 512-520-8545