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And yes, I use a lower case j because well, I like the lil dot. :)  I’m a lover of anything lavender and i’ll never turn down a yummy dessert.  My best friend/business partner is also my husband, Dave. Lucky me!  He’s inspiring, talented and one cool dude.  I love having him by my side. Our world also consist of 3 very fuzzy, lovable, snuggable dogs that I adore, they keep me calm, entertained and keep me on schedule.

Let’s jump right in, Why do I do what I do?

My Love for smiles began immediately after I had cosmetic work done on my teeth. As soon as the “numbness” went away, I was smiling and never stopped. I didn’t realize that my life would forever be changed, I went from covering my smile to wanting to share my smile with everyone. I was a dental assistant at the time and still am, I enjoy doing...wait for it...Cosmetic Dentistry, you got it!!  I love being a part of helping patients achieve a perfect or more desirable smile, it’s so rewarding for everyone involved.

So, when I was presented with an opportunity to help performers enhance their stage smile, I jumped at the chance.  Even though our smile designs are just for the stage, if I can help someone feel confident about their smile or achieve a look even for a temporary time, I am all for it.

While Dave is the Smile designer, I am the package decorator (this is my fave, I can let my crafty, creative juices flow). I love making each package special and unique for each client. I want you to SMILE and get excited when you see our packages arrive.  I am also the question answerer...never feel like you have a silly question, I am here to answer them all. I also enjoy coming up with plans to help our clients receive their smile at the perfect time. So if you ever feel like there isn’t enough time to order...check with me first, I’m pretty good at coming up with a quick turnaround plan to fit your needs in order to have that smile, stage ready.  


I love designing smiles, creating illusions and making the impossible possible. I'm a perfectionist who pays incredible attention to detail. Creating pageant smiles gives me an opportunity to help others achieve their on-stage goals. Each smile is unique and requires a custom design, keeping my work fresh and exciting. Every smile deserves a chance to win "best smile." My ultimate goal is to give you that chance.

People always ask me, "Why do you do what you do?"

It all began during my senior year of high school when it was time for braces. Sure, my senior portrait could have been titled "metal mouth", but I was amazed at the transformation taking place right in front of me. I could see that those tiny little changes in tooth position had completely changed not only my smile, but my whole face. The seed was planted.

While in college, I met the love of my life, janel. Her infectious smile and desire to make others smile too soon led her to become a dental assistant (wouldn't you know it) and the seed inside of me began to grow. Before long I was enrolled in LSU's Dental Laboratory program in New Orleans where I cultivated a true passion for smile esthetics and design.

Shortly after graduating janel and I started Unity Smile Design with one thing in mind -- making sure our clients smiles are stage ready.


Together, we are UNITY!

Please join us for an exciting smile transformation experience...show us your smile and we’ll show you what we can do for you.

Photos by Simone Epiphany Photography