Yes, we do design Adult Pageant flippers, please read below to find out more about what our product is used for and to see if you are a candidate for our product.

Adult pageant flippers are great for:


They are NOT functional and should NOT be used:

to cover up decayed or broken down teeth  *  to wear all day  *  while eating or drinking

Regarding speech while wearing the device:

We’ve had some clients that have adjusted to wearing the flipper and talk fine and then others seem to have a lisp.
We have some that can actually sing while wearing them, however our flippers are designed for smiling only so it is up to you to adjust to the flipper if you need them for speech, we cannot guarantee.

The design of a Unity flipper is to cover the front upper 8 teeth.
These teeth have to be HEALTHY and cannot have crowns/caps or bridges covering these teeth.


If you are interested in ordering a Unity Pageant flipper, we will first need to see a good clear pic of your teeth and smile.
We want to be sure we can design a natural looking flipper for you OR if you want it for costume wear, we need to be sure we can fulfill your request.

You can send a pic to us through email:  unitysmiledesign@gmail.com or by text: 512-571-2321.

If you are a candidate, we will give you the steps to take to begin your temporary smile transformation.
Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your SMILE~!


The pricing for pageant flippers is 2 steps:

$25 ADULT impression kit
$195 ADULT pageant flipper